Solihull Approach


Implementation of the Solihull Approach in the City of London: A Longitudinal Qualitative Study

Managers within the City of London have taken a decision to embed use of the Solihull Approach (SA) throughout children’s services. There is also interest in the use of the approach within adults’ services. The SA offers a framework for work with parents, which uses principles of containment, reciprocity and behavior management. Originally designed for use by health visitors, the approach is now used by a wide range of professional groups.

It offers a framework for effective and consistent approaches to practice across and between agencies. Practitioners and managers at the City of London have been provided with training in the use of the approach and practitioners have been offered consultation sessions after the training to support the application of their learning to practice. As part of the KTP researchers at Goldsmiths are working in partnership with the City of London and the trainers to learn about the SA is being implemented in the City of London and how practitioners are putting their learning about the SA into practice. The project is also interested to find out about the experiences and views of parents or other services users who have received services from practitioners who have been trained in the approach. 

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Solihull Approach Research Proposal (Word doc download)

Solihull Approach Literature Review (Word doc download)