Goldsmiths arranged accommodation

Information for students living in accommodation arranged through Goldsmiths about changes due to Covid-19.

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Arriving for the autumn term

We currently expect students will be able to move into their student accommodation starting from Friday 17 September 2021 and over the course of the third weekend in September.

Students who have secured a place in accommodation managed by Goldsmiths will receive a link to complete an online pre-arrival induction. Once the induction has been completed, students will then be able to book a check-in slot over the arrival weekend.

During the arrival weekend, in the interest of everyone’s safety, we will be offering a limited number of check-in slots per hour, and our students and anyone accompanying them will be asked to wear a face mask when collecting their keys in the reception area and in communal areas of the accommodation. Those who may need to quarantine on arrival will be asked to wear a mask at all times unless they are in their room.

Arriving from overseas

If you are coming from overseas and don’t need to use a quarantine hotel, our self–isolating guidance has useful information and advice on how to quarantine in your student accommodation.

Students can quarantine in flats with others who are not self-isolating as long as those in quarantine avoid contact with others in the flat during the isolation period. Please bear in mind that the self-isolating guide is based on current guidance, and over the coming weeks, we aim to update our advice to reflect some of the changes that are expected to come into place from mid-August onwards.

For the best experience and to ensure you can access relevant support, we would recommend students with a place in halls do not plan to travel before 17 September. Those travelling from amber list countries who are concerned about completing the isolation period before the start of term may want to consider the Test to Release scheme.

We currently expect students travelling via amber list countries, who will need to quarantine for up to 10 days in the accommodation on arrival, will make plans to arrive within the first slots available. If you do not need to quarantine on arrival, we recommend you choose to arrive from the Sunday onwards, where possible.

A similar process will be in place for students moving into accommodation managed by Campus Living Villages.

In the event of changes in government guidance, we will be in touch to let you know and advise on what additional measures or restrictions will be in place at the time.  If you are unable to travel because you have tested positive, or if your journey is affected by a travel ban or local lockdown rules, please email

Covid-19 testing for UK based students

If you are coming to Goldsmiths from elsewhere in the UK you should test yourself twice in the week before travelling using an LFT test.

You should then test yourself on arrival (3-4 days apart), and twice weekly thereafter.

Read more about Covid-19 testing for students.

Using accommodation safely

Watch information on arriving and keeping Covid-secure in accommodation

How to help stop the spread of Covid-19

The Delta variant of Covid-19 is highly transmissible and is affecting people of all ages, whether or not they are vaccinated.

Therefore we are asking all our students, staff and visitors to still take actions to stop spreading it:

  • Test yourself twice a week
  • Use hand sanitiser when entering buildings
  • Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds regularly
  • Wear a face covering, if you can, in the communal areas of the accommodation, such as the reception, communal corridors and staircases and the lifts
  • Clean the kitchen area after every use
  • Keep a 2m distance from those who do not live within your flat or on your corridor

We recommend you register online with the local GP surgery, Amersham Vale. They will be providing vaccinations for all students who need them.

Government guidance


The risk of catching or passing on Covid-19 can be higher in crowded and indoor spaces where there is limited fresh air, for this reason we ask students to continue to exercise caution to protect fellow residents and staff. Read the guidance on what you can do.


Please be mindful of our Community Behaviour Rules and of respecting others when using the outside areas in your accommodation.

In student accommodation, staff on site will be on hand to ensure students can access the outdoor spaces safely, and they may ask students to disperse to avoid large gatherings or to reduce noise. Some of our halls only offer limited outdoor space, please be mindful that other students may also wish to use these areas.

It is also important you respect other students’ study commitments and right to a quiet night, and you should not socialise in the outdoor areas of your accommodation during Quiet Hours (11pm and 7.30am, or as advised by your accommodation provider).

See more information on what you can and cannot do on GOV.UK.

Visitors and overnight guests in student accommodation

A student will be allowed to invite one guest or visitor on the understanding that they do not cause annoyance or inconvenience to other residents. Please ensure you speak to your housemates to ensure they are happy to have someone in their home.

You will need to sign in (and sign out) your guest/visitor at reception, and they will need to show ID and confirm their current address (household). We recommend your visitor or guest takes a free lateral flow Covid-19 test before visiting the accommodation. At home asymptomatic tests are available to order via the NHS.

Visitors and overnight guests will not be allowed while anyone in your flat is in isolation or quarantine, and overnight guests will not be allowed to quarantine or isolate in our student accommodation. Please bear in mind that people from different flats/corridors are also considered guests and they should not be invited into your flat, if the flat is in isolation.

If there is an outbreak in halls, a no visitors/ no guests policy will remain in place and students will be expected to wear face coverings and maintain social distancing in communal areas to avoid the virus spreading.

Please ensure you follow this guidance and refer to your accommodation agreement for further guidance on visitors and guests in student accommodation.

Please remember that you must not:

  • Organise any parties or gatherings
  • Invite a guest or visitor into student accommodation without signing them in at reception. Residents from other flats also need to sign in
  • Invite others into your flat if someone in your flat is in quarantine or isolation
  • Break your period of self-isolation, if you are required to do so upon arrival into the UK or after developing symptoms, as advised by the NHS or your doctor
  • Violate any of the Health and Safety conditions of the Accommodation Agreement
  • Violate any local Public Health guidance that may need to be introduced in the interest of our residents’ health and safety or to reduce the spread of the virus

A ‘household’ in student accommodation is defined as those who live within your flat or on your corridor.

Our terms and conditions

We have updated our terms and conditions for students who have a contract with Goldsmiths, University of London to ensure that we remain covid-secure. You can read about these changes in the Accommodation Agreement that you received as part of your accommodation offer, and we will send regular updates to all residents in halls.

Over the course of the academic year we aim to adapt our arrangements and advice, in line with the latest government or local Public Health guidance and we will ensure our residents are always kept up-to-date.

You should pay particular attention to the parts regarding Health and Safety and Student Conduct. We have also tied together parts of the Accommodation Agreement to the Student Conduct Regulations that you will agree to upon online enrolment.