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Information for students in Goldsmiths or private sector accommodation in relation to Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

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Please do not travel to your student accommodation unless Accommodation Services have advised you it’s safe to do so.

We will be writing to all residents with further instructions on when it’s safe to return to their rooms and it’s important you follow these instructions to ensure social distancing is maintained and to protect students and staff.

The following does not apply to Goldsmiths Student Village.

Campus Living Villages who manage the Goldsmiths Student Village contacted all residents about their contracts on Wednesday 8th April 2020. Residents should check their emails for information and instructions.

Staying in university accommodation

Leaving student accommodation

If you are still resident in student accommodation and now wish to return to your family home, you may do so providing you take precautions in line with government advice.

Please email accommodation( for further information on withdrawing from accommodation before you make plans to leave your student accommodation.

Returning if you are currently away

You will not be able to return until the lockdown has been lifted.

Your accommodation agreement will remain in place and you will be able to do so as soon as the lockdown is lifted. It’s important you do not travel to your student accommodation unless Accommodation Services have advised you can do so.

You will not be charged rent whilst the lockdown is in place.


If you are currently in your student accommodation the original contract will continue to be in place for the remainder of their term and until your expected check out date.

We are unable to offer rent discounts at this stage, however colleagues in the Student Centre and Halls Finance will be able to advise on steps to take if you are experiencing financial difficulties.

Room changes

You can make a request to swap or change your room that will be considered once restrictions have been lifted. We aim to start processing requests from the beginning of June.

Staying over the summer

Contact accommodation ( to let us know you wish to stay and we will be in touch before the end of your current contract to advise on options available either in your current hall or in another hall, after the lockdown has been lifted.

Left and no longer require university accommodation

Applied to be released from contract

Once you have filled in the form we emailed you to let us know about your intentions, we aim to acknowledge receipt within 3 working days.

Once your request has been processed, we will then be in touch to confirm the request has been processed.

Please note that due to the lockdown the release process may be delayed, but this should not have an impact on your fees.

If you have chosen to pay by direct debit we would recommend you contact your bank now to cancel the direct debit.

Returning keys

If you left your accommodation, vacated your room, but still have the key:

Loring Hall and Dean House

Post them to Loring Management Centre, St. James, London SE14 6AH

Chapter Lewisham, Ewen Henderson Court, Quantum Court and Town Hall Camberwell

Fobs and electronic key cards don’t need to be returned as they can be cancelled.

If you have filled in the form to let us know you have left and no longer require accommodation, you don’t need to do anything at this stage and we will be in touch to advise on the next steps.

Collecting belongings and vacating your room

You cannot return to your accommodation until the lockdown is over and we have told you it’s safe to return.

Accommodation Services will be in touch as soon as more information is available and advise on the next steps. You should not travel to your student accommodation unless Accommodation Services have advised you it’s safe to do so.

Please rest assured that your belongings will continue to be covered by your contents insurance, but we may need to move them to storage. If that is necessary, we will be in touch to let you know.

Accommodation Services are unable to pack up your belongings and send them on.

Returning to collect belongings

You should collect your belongings as soon as possible after the lockdown is lifted.

You will not be charged rent for the first week after the lockdown and until we inform you it’s safe to access student accommodation, but following this grace period, your contract will resume at the original rate until your room has been vacated and keys returned.

If the lockdown has not been lifted by the end of your contract, we will be in touch with further advice.

Arranging for someone else to collect your belongings

If you want to arrange for a flatmate, friend or relative to vacate your room for you, please let us know either before or once the lockdown has been lifted by confirming their details (full name, student ID, if they are students or they will need to bring proof of ID, if they are not a student).

You can also contact a removal company and instruct them to pack and collect your belongings and either place them in storage or send them back to you.

We will then allow them in, once the lockdown has been lifted and we have contacted you to say it’s safe to access student accommodation.. They will not be allowed to stay in halls overnight.

If you are unable to find someone to collect your belongings

If your current location remains in lockdown, and you are unable to find someone to help you collect your things, you can let us know and we can look into a suitable solution. Please note the advice will vary dependent on the hall.

Alternatively, if you wish to donate your things and we will be happy to help with that.

Paid rent and direct debits

We recommend you contact your bank to cancel your direct debit.

If you have already paid for the next term, have left your accommodation and chosen to be released, we will send you a refund form to fill with your bank details in once your request has been processed.

We aim to return any overpaid fees within 28 working days of receipt of your refund form, however, our refund process may be delayed due to the current circumstances.

Staying in private sector accommodation

Housing advice

As a Goldsmiths student, you have access to the University of London Housing Services (ULHS). The ULHS offer legal advice on private housing issues and they have also have a dedicated page on private housing in relation to Covid-19.

We also offer help and support through Accommodation Services. You can make an appointment to speak with our Halls Liaison Officer to get some general guidance and support when it comes to your housing options. Contact accommodation (

Summer accommodation

Applications for university accommodation for the current academic year, including the summer months, are currently closed.

Contact accommodation ( nearer the time and you will then be able to make an application.

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