Accommodation fees support

Accommodation fees support for students who are away from halls during the start of 2021 lockdown.

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This page is for residents of Chesterman House, Ewen Henderson Court, Loring Hall, Quantum Court, Raymont Hall, Surrey House and Town Hall Camberwell.

We understand this has been a difficult time for our students, and that those students paying for accommodation they may be currently unable to occupy due to Covid-19 restrictions may be concerned about the impact this is having on their finances.

The College has agreed to offer a good will credit of accommodation fees to those students who have a place in our student halls accommodation managed by Goldsmiths or its nomination partners and who have been unable to return to their rooms due to Covid-19 restrictions at the start of 2021.

Who is  eligible 

This is open to residents of Chesterman House, Ewen Henderson Court, Loring Hall, Quantum Court, Raymont Hall, Surrey House and Town Hall Camberwell.

Residents were asked to apply for the credit by 22 January 2021 if they were away from their student accommodation for the period 4 January - 15 February 2021. Anyone returning during these dates would not be eligible.

Extending the support

When the UK government first announced the Covid-19 Stay at Home restrictions, they were until 15 February 2021. When first offered, this fee support was until then.

In February, the government extended the restrictions until 8 March, and we extended this fee support to match, and then extended it further to 12 April. Residents who had already applied and who had remained away from the accommodation were automatically considered and received a confirmation from Accommodation Services by 15 March. Confirmation of the credit for those who have remained away until after 12 April will be sent from 19 April.

We have since extended this again to 17 May and contacted our residents. Again if you have already applied, you will be automatically considered. Provided you have been away from your accommodation since 4 January and won’t be returning until after 17 May 2021, a credit for the 4-week period between 12 April and 17 May will be automatically applied to your accommodation. We will email you by 31 May to confirm this.

How the credit will be applied 

Allow 15 working days from the outcome of your application for the rent credit to be applied. These credits will automatically be applied to your next scheduled payment, so in the meantime, you should continue to pay as you normally would.

If you have already paid your rent for the current term, the credit will go towards your next rental payment. Alternatively, if you have already paid for the duration of your contract, you will have the opportunity to apply for a refund after the credit has been applied.

Apply for the credit

The deadline to apply has now passed.

Contact accommodation ( for help.

Support for students in halls

If you are currently in halls, you should remain in halls and not return home. Our halls remain open as normal and support is available for students who are currently living in halls. 

Please contact Campus Support Officers and they will be happy to provide advice and assistance to any students experiencing difficulties during this time, including if you are experiencing financial difficulties. If you have any concerns regarding your wellbeing, our Wellbeing Advisors are also available to help. 

If you haven’t already done so, please book a Covid-19 test on campus as soon as possible. You should not attend campus without a negative test.

Financial support for all students in halls

If you are experiencing financial hardship you can apply to the Student Hardship Fund.

If you are struggling financially, or if your circumstances have changed, please contact Accommodation Services and we will be happy to advise on how to request a payment plan to support you in these difficult times.