Covid-19 (Coronavirus) cases

Goldsmiths is supporting students and staff who are affected by Covid-19 (Coronavirus).

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Current situation

The government now advises anyone with symptoms to stay at home, regardless of whether they are known to have come into contact with someone with Covid-19.

We now expect more Goldsmiths students and staff to do this without being confirmed as having Covid-19. We will no longer be reporting on individual cases.

Chesterman House - student accommodation

In the first week in March, a student and a visitor staying in a flat in Chesterman House were diagnosed with Covid-19. Following discussion with Public Health England (PHE), all those connected to this flat were traced. They have now recovered and have are no longer self-isolating.

The six other Goldsmiths students who were self-isolating in connection to this have been told they no longer need to self-isolate.

Last updated 17 March, last reviewed 17 March.