Covid-19 (Coronavirus) cases

This page sets out key information about how Goldsmiths is recording and responding to confirmed cases of Covid-19 among our students and staff.

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The page also sets out how the College is recording and responding to students and staff who tell the College they are showing symptoms of Covid-19.

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 for students and staff

The table below shows the confirmed cases of Covid-19 in students and staff which have been reported to the Health and Safety team at Goldsmiths. 

We are publishing this information as part of our commitment to transparency during the pandemic and to provide students, colleagues and the wider community with a clear picture of the situation at Goldsmiths.

The table shows two sets of data:

  • the total of confirmed case reports received by Health and Safety in the most recent published week
  • the overall total number of confirmed case reports received by Health and Safety – this figure includes non-active cases, ie people who have recovered from Covid-19

6 - 13 January


Overall total confirmed cases reported to Goldsmiths since 28 September 2020 366 151
Last updated: Thursday 13 January


How Goldsmiths responds to reports of confirmed cases and reports of symptoms

Students and staff must follow our process to tell the College if they have a positive test for Covid-19 or if they are showing symptoms of coronavirus.

Once a report is received the Health and Safety team put into place a range of actions depending on the nature of the report.

These include:

  • Logging the report and keeping it updated on a secure central register
  • Informing Lewisham Council of suspected and/or confirmed cases
  • Informing Public Health England London Coronavirus Response Cell about confirmed cases

If a person reporting symptoms or a confirmed case was on campus 48 hours before showing symptoms of Covid-19, Goldsmiths’ Health and Safety team will take action by securing the rooms and spaces that person has visited and put into place appropriate cleaning arrangements.

Contact tracing

Goldsmiths is using NHS Test and Trace for student and staff contact tracing.

This means that people who come into close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 may be contacted by NHS Test and Trace and asked to self-isolate. Official guidance on this can be found on GOV.UK.

How we are supporting our students

Our teams are on campus working around the clock to offer advice and support and ensure students who are self-isolating remain connected to the Goldsmiths community.

We contact every student who reports they are self-isolating and gives them advice about where they can order food and other essentials and, depending on their location, how we can help them to collect their deliveries, use shared facilities safely, and access wellbeing support.

Students can access wellbeing support by email, phone, or online. Our teams are in regular contact with all those who are self-isolating and provide targeted support to vulnerable students where we identify that they are struggling.

Any self-isolating student who feels well enough will be supported to continue their studies online and will also be able to access online library resources and digital reading lists for their course.

Where students are self-isolating in Goldsmiths accommodation due to suspected or confirmed cases of Covid-19, colleagues will not enter these premises for the entirety of the isolation period unless there is an emergency. Instead, the Estates and Facilities team will be distributing cleaning packs to the front door of these flats for self-isolating students to use. These packs include sanitiser, disinfectant wipes, disposable cloths, toilet rolls, waste bags and other items which the team would usually refresh during housekeeping.