Covid-19 (Coronavirus) cases

This page gives details of the Covid-19 cases reported to us by our students and staff.

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With the end of free Covid-19 testing in England we have stopped reporting confirmed cases on this page.

Confirmed cases of Covid-19 for students and staff

The table below shows the confirmed cases of Covid-19 in students and staff which have been reported to the Health and Safety team at Goldsmiths. 

We are publishing this information as part of our commitment to transparency during the pandemic and to provide students, colleagues and the wider community with a clear picture of the situation at Goldsmiths.

The table shows two sets of data:

  • the total of confirmed case reports received by Health and Safety in the most recent published week
  • the overall total number of confirmed case reports received by Health and Safety – this figure includes non-active cases, ie people who have recovered from Covid-19 – since October 2021

10 - 17 March


Overall total confirmed cases reported to Goldsmiths since October 2021 541 224
Last updated: Thursday 17 March