What Goldsmiths is doing

This year learning will be delivered through a mix of online and in-person, and we are adapting the way our campus works to make it Covid-secure.

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Our approach

Goldsmiths is open for learning. Our twin priorities are keeping students safe and delivering a great learning experience while they are with us.

Our decisions will be informed by both UK and global official guidelines and requirements as they are updated in response to the evolving situation with Covid-19.

We will make sure the student experience is the best it can be in the circumstances, is available to all our students, and we will ensure the quality of our teaching is maintained.

Maximum resilience

This means that they will be suitable for whatever phase of social distancing/lockdown we find ourselves during the academic year.

This resilience will enable us to adapt to last-minute changes as quickly and effectively as possible. This will ensure we can support our students to the best of our abilities whatever changes occur next year.

Quality and standards

We will prioritise the quality and standards of the education that we provide, ensuring a focus on delivery of education that is of our usual high quality.

Any adaptations to the curriculum we deliver and the way in which we deliver these will have been subject to careful scrutiny through our usual internal and external standards.

This will ensure that our students are receiving the same quality and standard of education even where it differs from how we would previously have provided learning and teaching.

Parity for students

This means that whatever social distancing/lockdown situation a student finds themselves in they should be able to access our education in some form, whether online, in person or a combination.

Health and safety

For everything we do we will ensure that the health and safety of students, staff and visitors is paramount.

Adapting what we do

Goldsmiths staff worked hard over the summer to get ready for the 2020/21 academic year.

Our preparations included:

  • Adapting teaching so it can be delivered online and in-person and introducing new online learning tools
  • Digitising 1,000s of chapters and readings for online access and introducing click and collect for borrowing print materials
  • Installing hand sanitiser stations and sneeze screens across campus
  • Rearranging teaching spaces to ensure social distancing
  • Putting up new signs to help people move around campus safely
  • Launching live chat with the Student Centre and IT Service Desk
  • Developing support to help students access equipment including laptops
Installing signs on the floor that show which way to walk

Learning and teaching

This year we have planned to deliver learning through a mix of online and in-person. We also planning for if there are periods when we can only deliver learning online.

It’s important to understand that we are not offering students the opportunity to study completely online. This means that students will be on campus for some of their teaching and learning activities.

We have made provision for students to study online if they must self-isolate, have underlying health conditions that make them vulnerable to more serious Covid-19 infection or have caring responsibilities.

Due to the wide range of subjects offered at Goldsmiths there are differences in how courses are taught. We will endeavour to ensure that everyone will receive the same standard of learning.

On campus

One of our priorities is making sure our campus is as Covid-secure as it can be for students, staff and visitors.

Goldsmiths is following official guidance from the UK government and its health agencies to ensure our campus is Covid-secure. Our campus Covid measures include:

  • keeping two metres apart from other people wherever possible
  • changing how people use campus – like using one-way systems in our corridors and installing hand sanitiser stations and screens
  • enhanced campus cleaning in line with standards used in hospitals

We expect students, staff and visitors to wear a face covering in all areas of campus, unless they are exempt from wearing a face covering.

Read more about wearing face coverings and social distancing on campus.

We fully recognise the disproportionate impact Covid-19 continues to have on BME communities and our planning includes specific measures to support BME students, colleagues and visitors.

Students working in a lab wearing face coverings