Travelling with Goldsmiths

How you must factor the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak into your work, study or research travel plans.

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See Foreign & Commonwealth Office advice on travelling abroad

Permission is required to travel

Goldsmiths is taking a risk-based approach to approving travel and insurance for students and staff.

Any travel - UK or international - taken on behalf of the College needs to be approved by the Senior Management Team. No trips should be booked without speaking to the insurance team to identify whether cover would be available and to discuss the risk assessment

Travelling to your student accommodation

If you are coming from overseas and don’t need to use a quarantine hotel, our self–isolating guidance has useful information and advice on how to quarantine in your student accommodation.

Please ensure you contact staff at your hall to let them know about your travel plans ahead of returning to your accommodation. Please see our Student accommodation contacts.