Industrial action: Information for students

This page sets out key details for students around industrial action being taken by UCU as part of national disputes over pensions, pay and working conditions.

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What action has been taken

Strike action took place on:

  • Monday 25 November to Friday 29 November – five consecutive days
  • Monday 2 December to Wednesday 4 December – three consecutive days

Action short of a strike started on Monday 25 November and could continue until 29 April 2020.

Members taking action short of a strike will come to work on the usual working days but may take one or more of the following actions:

  • working to contract
  • not covering for absent colleagues
  • not rescheduling lectures or classes cancelled due to strike action
  • not sharing materials relating to lectures or classes cancelled as a result of strike action
  • not undertaking any voluntary activities

Withholding of pay – where this money goes

Organisations do not have to pay employees who participate in industrial action. Doing so is a formal withdrawal of labour which should not be recompensed.

Pay withheld from staff taking part in industrial action will be held in a separate student welfare fund to be spent on directly supporting students. The Students’ Union will help decide how this money is spent. 

While the withholding of pay is regrettable, the decision to undertake industrial action was not taken by the university: UCU are responsible for calling eight days of strike action and action short of a strike. 

Complaints about the impact of strike action  

The university is working hard to minimise disruption to your student experience during the period of industrial action. 

If you feel your experience has been impacted as a result of the strikes you may be able to make a complaint.

See guidance on making a complaint about the impact of strike action.

Following guidance from the Office of the Independent Adjudicator it is important to note that the university will not reimburse tuition fees based on a direct correlation between missed contact hours and tuition fees.

Industrial action and student visas

Your student visa status will not be affected by academic sessions which do not take place because of industrial action. If you have any questions please contact the Immigration Advisory Service

All students at Goldsmiths must attend academic sessions which take place as scheduled.

If you have any further questions email strikeaction (