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There's Something About Airiports

Airports are so-called ‘non-places’ in our world, the spaces we have to pass through in order to get somewhere else. They are the in-between places between ‘here’ and ‘there’. When you are at the airport, you have left your point of origin and arrived somewhere else. However, you are not really ‘there’ yet either, because ‘there’ is another city, or maybe even another country and not the departure lounge. Once your flight has landed, you have arrived somewhere, but at the same time, you are still en route to your final destination.

These places are often underappreciated and the time spent there is regarded as a necessary evil. Wanting to turn the period of time we have to inhabit those non-places into quality time, my guidebook aims at changing people’s perceptions of airports. It regards airports as venues, and helps the traveller to make the best of their departure lounge experience.