Andrew Marsh

(BEng) Design and Innovation
07725 990 695

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The Synflower is a multi-player musical instrument for one to eight people. It concentrates on the social and creative aspects of music creation, and is designed to get people to engage with each other within the context of a musical experience. For this reason, it was important for the instrument to be as intuitive as possible, to allow users of different skill levels to play together without intimidation. The instrument is wirelessly connected to a computer, which generates music by taking data from the force sensors embedded in the soft pressure pads. Computer software allows a potentially infinite number of different sounds to be created, and also gives the option to increase the difficulty as players become more proficient.

The project was inspired largely by techniques used in music therapy and also draws on psychological and sociological theories in order to make the experience of playing more expressive, creative, social and most importantly, enjoyable.