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Bespoke Design for the Neurodiverse

‘Every 1 in 166 people are diagnosed under the autistic spectrum. That adds up to about half a million people in the UK alone.’ - National Autistic Society

‘Bespoke Design for the Neurodiverse’ is a project that creates a visual language about and for the culture of autism. The context of this visual language is understood through a series of mundane objects that reflect common autistic characteristics and perceptions. The tailoring of mundane objects to reflect autistic characteristics enables a translation between two worlds and ultimately highlights and celebrates ‘difference’ within and outside the culture of the neurologically typical.

‘Bespoke Design for the Neurodiverse’ is a project that intends to challenge the key concept of what it means to design for a ‘normative culture.’ It also intends to challenge what is generally practised as design and most importantly, to celebrate both the unique and heterogeneous qualities of the autistic community and how their ‘different’ interpretations of the world can serve to create new design methodologies.