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Bacteria 99.99%

For every human cell, the body hosts nine bacterial cells. Within our intestinal tract lives millions of bacteria and without these we would not survive. These bacteria help us digest foods and take in nutrients as well as prevent harmful micro-organisms from entering our body. It can be simply put that there are bad bacteria and good bacteria, ones that harm our body and ones that makes it stronger. Within all the bacteria that we face every day, only one percent is harmful to us.

Bacteria 99.99% is a project that looks at the importance of good bacteria in our lives. This project questions societies’ continuous necessity with making everything clean and how this could lead to consequences to our bodies and our environment. This project draws in two extremes and places them side to side giving us an overview of the possible futures and outcomes of our constant war on bacteria. Are we trying to kill off foreign invaders that can harm us or are we just killing nature itself?