Charlotte Christoffersen

(BEng) Design and Innovation
07906 710 784

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Responsible Laziness/Cooking MaƱana

Energy efficient cooking with emotional benefits.

A cooking method for use in the urban environment designed around principles of insulation and eating dynamics.

We are in a time where we need to reconsider the choices that have become habits. I work with re-introducing principles of old traditional cooking methods that over time have been replaced by technological alternatives. Design that optimizes means is celebrated in the focus on innovative solutions designed for parts of the world with little energy. I see a scope for borrowing some of these thoughts by in our part of the world introducing solutions where we are using only what we need rather than what we are used to. I think of it as learning back.

On an emotional and social level the designed cooking method accommodates the transitional states we constantly encounter. Whether alone or together the object leaves space for the individual and does not demand monitoring time. I am not trying to change habits but I am trying to create something that allows people to take control of their own habits.