Ester Kneen

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Reclaiming Craft

Reclaiming Craft seeks to question the relevance of craft practice in contemporary society. Through exploration of ‘craft practice’ as a form of creative expression, Reclaiming Craft encourages users to explore their creativity.

Overexposure to technological influence has led to a loss of human connectivity. Craft’s interactive nature forms an antidote to technological alienation. Mass-consumerism has led to ‘passive’ users that fail to engage with creative practice. Reclaiming Craft explores the unbalanced relationship between production and consumption through the design of tools to help those who take to make.

By designing tools to enable creativity in times of unproductivity, through the appropriation of ‘crafty spaces’, the user is able to form a recreational relationship with ‘craft’. In enabling craft practice in various situations outside it’s original context, the user is empowered with the means to be creative. The benefits of this expression of creativity are extensive. Investigation into Craft’s associations with ‘homemaking’ and a recent ‘nesting’ trend (as a reaction to political, social and economic ‘unrest’) led to examination into the benefits of creative expression in times of turmoil. Craft’s therapeutic nature offers spaces for security. The project intends to demonstrate craft practice as an immersive and sensorial experience.