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The Voyeur Next Door

While governments are investing billions into the development of single, centralised, unblinking surveillance networks, this project looks at the advantages of inverting the control to public usage. This project investigates the possible beneficial applications of exploiting the dystopian future of surveillance culture.

Part of the aim is to design for internal communal networks of reciprocal surveillance. This is within the context of independent condominiums (apartment blocks/close living quarters.) The project pivots between the constantly alternating roles of spectator and ‘the spectated’ and fundamentally appeals to the absorbing practice of voyeurism. Within this set-up, the objects designed to entertain these objectives are, simply speaking, mediators, instruments that alter our typical perspectives of domestic communal spaces. And whilst in this sense the objects function as tools of engagement, they also act as methods of escapism.

When staring into this mediating apparatus, into the almost parallel home of a neighbour, the intended emotional response is a feeling of déjà vu. For there is a metaphor disguised in the position of the viewer as an onlooker, looking in upon any number of rooms within this set of homes, almost as if the front façade of the building had been removed, he sees glimpses of life that correlate to his own, and he realises he is watching himself.