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The Tear Factory

‘Tears are the safety valve of the heart when too much pressure is laid on it.’

- Albert Smith

There is a veil of mystery surrounding tears and why we cry. Humans are the only species that shed tears as an emotional response and Scientists are still unsure of the physiological effects and reasons behind crying. However, research into the chemical make up of ‘emotional’ tears shows that a significantly higher amount of proteins are present in these types of tears compared to ‘irritant’ tears.

One of these proteins, Prolactin, decreases levels of oestrogen in women and testosterone in men when present inside the body. Low levels of these hormones are linked to many problems including Alzheimer’s, accelerated ageing, decreased mental and physical energy and lowered libido. The more you cry, the more prolactin you release out of your body and so the higher your oestrogen or testosterone levels become.

With this in mind, my project celebrates crying in the attempt to make you a better, stronger person. I want you to embrace your grief or heartbreak or elation and encourage you to release those tears. It will make you healthier. You will live for longer. Your hair won’t fall out. You will run faster. You will be a better lover. So cry it out. Become a tear factory.