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Second Nature

Second Nature is a project seeded by a dissatisfaction with the momentum of modern urban living, specifically the overwhelming of nature and chaos by an often sterile and definite man-made bubble of consumer products and hi-tech living.

With a conscious and unconscious drive for efficiency, mankind has reinforced the boundary between contemporary life and the elements. Urban settlements suffocate the flora, fauna and terrain that once added an element of unpredictability throughout our daily lives. For some people that level of detachment leaves little opportunity to notice, understand and appreciate the endless fascinating narrative of the natural world. The natural world is often filtered and mediated through broadcast media; news coverage and weather forecasting change and militate against individual observation and a personal comprehension, Second Nature aims to change this relationship.

The increasing awareness of our impact on the planet has not been balanced with a physical re-engagement with the minutiae of the natural world. The development of Second Nature aims to reconnect people with an acute knowledge and understanding of their environment.