Joanna Martin

(BEng) Design and Innovation
07850 894015

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Strictly Home Dancing

I have been dancing since I was two years old. So far I have tried six different styles and have lots more left, but the most varied and complex one has to be Ballroom and Latin dancing – a dance form which not only involves partner work but also covers ten different styles at a minimum and requires determination and perseverance. Like every kind of class, Ballroom and Latin lessons can be expensive and not always suitable – be it because of the time, the day or the location. Nowadays more than ever, people are looking for a way to learn things from home. There are all kinds of exercise videos available, but they are never able to tell you if you are doing the movements correctly. To learn specific technique, they would be almost useless.

My final year project is to design a system that combines current trends and technologies to create an interactive way to learn the steps, technique and body movements of Ballroom and Latin dancing.