Leonard Edney

(BEng) Design and Innovation
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The Fuel Efficient Water Purifying Cook-Stove.

Our image of the ‘developing world’ is usually one of insurmountable problems inextricably linked to a never ending cycle of suffering and deprivation. The reality is more complex, with what can be in reality small problems leading to disproportionate consequences. These are problems that can be solved simply and cheaply.

The third and fourth largest causes of death in the developing world are unsafe water and indoor air pollutants. Technically neither problem is a great challenge, and of course many excellent solutions to both problems already exist. Seeing these two problems illustrated side by side in ‘Design for the other 90%’ provided the ‘inspiration’ to realise that a solution to both problems could be embodied in one new product.

The answer to unsafe water lies in filtration and pasteurisation, while the answer to indoor air pollutants lies in high efficiency stoves (minimising emissions) with chimneys. The energy saved by an efficient stove can be used to pasteurise the water to meet the family’s drinking needs as well as reducing the family’s fuel costs.

The design challenge was to create an affordable, value for money and efficient stove that could pasteurise water during the usual family cooking routine and still meet normal stove requirements and act as a focal point for cooking rituals and social interaction.

Synergy – The Fuel Efficient Water Purifying Cook-Stove