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Machines for believing in

‘…nothing is clear, all is chaos, [..] all man has is his lucidity and his definite knowledge of the walls surrounding him’
-Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus.

Our perceptions of the world, and the meanings we form shape the patterns that we live by. Our process of learning about the world is mediated by perceived authoritative figures, thus our lives are structured by commonly held perceptions and culturally taught practices. Our knowledge is not based on actual physical experiences, but story telling, hear-say, and rumour.

We must actively dismiss all culturally taught practices and learned perceptions. We need to form our own meanings. Our life-long goal is to establish a set of meanings that makes the most sense to us through our questioning and resulting experiences.

You are being deceived.
Knowledge is controlled.
Take nothing for granted.
Question everything.

My current path of research concerns human beliefs, a study of learned perceptions, and the human condition of the need to believe. This research is manifested through the use of machines and performances that act to challenge commonly held beliefs and perceptions, the aim of these objects and performances is to understand the world we live in through insatiable questioning.