Louisa Cranmore

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Subject to Interpretation

My project explores the possibilities for non-consensual collaboration between audience (viewer/listener) and performer/performance.

By intervening in the space between these two currently separated parties, I hope to encourage and facilitate the expression of latent creative instinct – which already manifests itself in minor cultural practices such as tapping/singing along to music, and harness this in such a way that allows for the ‘source material’ to actually be impacted upon, and a reinterpretation – a new version – to be created.

These mediations aim to facilitate a heightened level of interaction between users and media, both pre-fabricated (TV, recorded music) and live (performance, radio), and alter the dialogue between creator and viewer to allow for active, direct interaction and reinterpretation as opposed to passive appreciation. Creative ownership becomes subverted and subjugated in favour of creative hijack.