Manuel Nashi
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Decisions are made through either reason or instinct. The balance that is created by these processes maintains a level of equilibrium, which turns into chaos when shifted.

This project explores people’s instinctive behaviour and habits within mundane space. The context I’ve chosen to explore is the waiting room, where there is a preconceived perception of what you are supposed to do; come in, sit and wait for your name or number to be called. Comfort is not a necessity and neither is socialising, that’s why there is usually magazines or a TV to look at. Waiting rooms are some of the most communal areas and yet they are so dull because of the social barriers that are created through the consistency of the content in them. What if the obvious objects in the waiting room behaved differently? Could you rely on your instincts? This project challenges all the normal occurrences in a waiting room in attempt to make the predictable, unpredictable. The implications of this can vary from pleasing, frustrating, to disruptive or distracting to the point that you forget about the event you are waiting for.