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Consumerism Camouflage/My Computer Feeds Me

The computer’s increasing role in our lives is irreversible. Its potential to facilitate and satiate our needs and desires is vast. People can visit or ‘experience’ places and things beyond the constraints of their physical worlds.

This project explores what happens when the virtual experience ceases to satisfy and contributes to a consumer void where we find ourselves dissatisfied with the physical and financial limitations somewhere between the physical and virtual worlds.

Consumer Camouflage explores how virtual desires might be materialised in order to defuse consumer need. Using a printer as a bridge between the virtual and real worlds, a printed three-dimensional facsimile of desired product is created, and through DIY re-packaging, outmoded possessions can be visually upgraded by camouflaging them in new ’skins’. Desires might be virtually achieved, leading to a temporary feeling of well-being.

My Computer Feeds Me uses an everyday printer as a tool to translate the digital language into a physical outcome. This time looking at how a new function could be added to the virtual world: feeding. When the user get access to computer generated food, he enters a new stage of dependence towards the virtual world, hopefully leading to a questioning about the role of the virtual world and its importance.