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Journey to a New You

In life people will have different reasons to change their names. It might be a family issue, a personal interest or even for a political reason. But how could you find a new name that can truly symbolise who you are? We have been raised with a name, which we have not chosen. However when we get older and become more aware of our identity, I believe we can reassess whether our names can really portray who we are or not. Theoretically our name sums up who we are as a person including our life experiences, appearance, characteristics and background. Therefore, the older we become the harder it is for us to find a new name to describe our story. However, I believe everyone is able to find one name that can summarize the individual. The process might be difficult, but I am here to help. As well as helping you find your new name, I will also look into how you can live with your new name by making slight alterations and doing some small activities. With my help, I hope everyone can find the best name for themselves and smoothly settle into the name.