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Future Goggles

This project set out to gain a better understanding of how we think about the future. The theoretical perspective shifted from an expert-based form of predicting to an experiential process with an emphasis on empowering our own abilities to create future visions. We are all futurologists. We can all imagine and predict.

In Future Goggles children were given a space to think about the future. In a series of workshops at schools, they were invited to create and express their own visions. Specific tools and techniques were designed to engage children in activities ranging from play-acting with ‘future goggles’ to drawing and story writing. The children thoroughly enjoyed the experience and came up with creative and interesting ideas about the future.

Responding to feedback from the teachers involved, the website www.futuregoggles.net was designed. It provides suggestions, instructions and printable materials for teachers who wish to organize similar workshops. The website showcases some outcomes from the workshops. It is intended both as a resource and a forum for teachers who desire to engage young people in a creative process of thinking about the future.