Mohamad Alom
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NeighbOur Aid

‘The clearest way to see through a culture is to pay attention to its tools for conversation.’
- Neil Postman, Amusing Ourselves to Death.

There are deep-rooted problems in society affecting people’s lives in the civic environment. This project engages with both ‘crime waves’ and anti-social behaviour amongst youths. Communities have become diverse, growing alienated from their inhabitants, this brings to my attention the concerns of ‘public health’ and the breakdown of basic communication. Neighbour Aid is a tool that enriches the experience of knowing a neighbour in the community. Its purpose is to encourage ‘reciprocity’ and help lay the foundations to a salubrious life. My project is a tool, a ‘canvas’ providing an opportunity for neighbours to express themselves within a cluster. Their presence, outdoors, together – should ward off yobs and help combat crime and disorder near their homes. My project aims to build stronger bonds and gain satisfying results quicker. It allows neighbours to protect and sustain their communities in order to uproot crime.