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Playful interventions in times of crisis

We exist in a culture that increasingly dictates how we live and behave, providing for our needs and desires, whilst simultaneously creating new of anxieties and concerns.

It can be argued that as consumers we exist in individual and introverted design and communication mediated ‘bubbles’ from where we perceive external factors as invasions or threats to personal space disturbing our perception of reality in our ‘safe’ networks and routines.

The intention of this project is to break and interrupt ‘the routine’, and real-world social introversions, and explore our capacity to play, have fun, be extrovert and physical in an environment where the act of being physical is limited to walking sedately from A to B.

The project manifests itself through a series of urban interventions that exploit existing urban street furniture and present opportunities for physical exuberance. These are installed in several urban locations throughout London, where individuals are encouraged to interact or play with a new set of physical realities that release the participant from the banal movement normally accepted in the city context.