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Evolving with my mistakes

‘Start being wrong and suddenly anything is possible. You’re no longer trying to be infallible. You’re in the known. There is no way of knowing what can happen, but there’s more chance of it being amazing than if you try to be right.’
- Paul Arden, It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want to Be.

Mistakes are part of being human. Making mistakes makes life more exciting, it allows for greater risk taking and aids the learning process.

In my work I embraced mistakes and the notion of uncertainty, giving up control over the final pieces. The plates that I’ve designed challenge the concept of perfection, allowing the user to make mistakes and to see the beauty of imperfection. Throughout history there have been several wrong turns, some were evolutionary steps and some were dead ends. The idea of the exhibition is to embrace, understand and explore my own and other people’s mistakes. My project is a series of objects and material explorations that have been created with inspiration and acceptance of the ‘wrong’, ‘imperfect’ and ‘odd’.