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Converting Water's Path

How much water do you use daily? Most of us don’t really know in numerical terms until we receive the monthly water bill. Throughout the UK we use too much water at home for reasons unknown. Take for example leaving a dripping tap, brushing your teeth with the water running or filling the kettle up when not necessarily needed.

Saving water is an important issue when taking in to consideration the current climate changes. Global warming has caused several water bans in recent summers and floods in harsh winters and yet the government contingency plans to prevent this from reoccurring again remains deterred. My project is about recycling the water at home and using it for alternative purposes. The water cycle is a continuous projection of producing natural rainwater which can be collected, stored and recycled and used around the home. The system functions by collecting rainwater running into a filtering and purifying network. This is stored into a measured chamber and used when called upon.