Ruth Bucknell
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Censored Vision

The moments we choose to capture, through photography and film, move between our intuitive desire to preserve and our ever present need to allow things to evolve. Our memories, where we store, maintain and archive our transient lives are continuously supplemented with technological prostheses. We capture moments for display with different forms of digital media, does the medium of our memories constrict and limit the memories themselves?

A moment that is captured should never be static within its framework, memories are ever evolving stories that store value and meaning. A ‘complete memory’ can never be encapsulated within the dimensions of a photograph. By challenging the notion of capture and memory my projects sets out to create a more complete yet ambiguous forms of memory capture.

By adapting digital aids my project allows people to construct stories that go beyond the expected form of photography. My project is a vehicle for us to immerse ourselves back into the moment that was once long forgotten.