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[There isn’t a word for aural visualisation. If you look at our language you’ll see it’s steeped in references to light and vision...]

My project has been an investigation into the nature of sound. As well as exploring the acoustics (physical properties) and psychoacoustics (our perceptions) of sound, I have endeavoured to find out why vision has become the dominant force in our sensory lives. Why would 80% of people rather be deaf than blind? In trying to answer this question I’ve undertaken a series of experiments that have challenged and enlightened me and taken me on a sonic journey that has changed my understanding of what it is to experience the world aurally. My process has led me to look at how different senses interact and compare with one another and how the sonic identity of objects, spaces and events inform our experiences of the soundscape and the environment as a whole. Recently I’ve been concerned with how the city soundscape has become polluted with a miasma of sonic mess. Can we regain aural privacy in a world of constant background noise?

Ultimately my project is all about showing people the importance of their aural nature as well as raising people’s awareness of the soundscape and the lo-fi problem of urban life.