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‘Design is existential and cannot ignore its complicated relationship to people and their mental lives.’
- Dunne, Hertzian Tales.

This project is a celebration of our behaviour and relationship with possessions. Disposophobia, the fear of throwing items away, is unusual and extreme extension of these relations. Many therapeutic approaches to the condition wean the patients away from the practice. However, this project explores how disposophobes can enjoy and have an awareness of their attitude towards objects and continue the practice of hoarding in a more positive and productive manner.

‘Designers more and more are working on behaviours rather than objects.’
- Paula Antonelli

I have identified that hoarders are sometimes more comfortable with objects than their relationships with people. Compulsive hoarding derives from a range of complex social and behavioural issues. As a result of my research, I have experimented with ways to facilitate and manage possessions, finding new and creative solutions. By assembling new forms out of possessions, these designs construct a situation with less original furniture. New structures are produced from the manipulation of the material.