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Understanding Consumer Sensibility

My project depicts and explores modern food production, exposing atrocities committed against animals. Fueled by industrial expansion, employing technology to maximise efficiency and optimising profit is exacting a devastating toll on the food industry. Whether dedicated carnivores, vegetarians or organic food devotees engaged in free range consumerism, money remains the main acquisition tool. As consumers we hunt through the butcher’s deli and forage in the produce section of a chain megamarket. Feelings of distrust, cynicism, boredom and emptiness are rife as humanity is ridiculing nature and in violent opposition to animals. In contrast the image of the hunter gatherer provides opportunities to garner independence, value, experience and meaning.

For my project I have developed an evaluation device; an educational way of playing, that indirectly prompts awareness of the issues surrounding food production. The objects encourage empathy whilst clarifying obscure issues such as killing, maltreatment and waste. The purpose of the project is to assist users in forming their own opinions and although the product is a toy aimed primarily at young people, it is also aimed at adults.