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Reweighing Weight

Gravity goes unnoticed in everyday life, but inevitably it will be a crucial factor for design in the forthcoming era as we begin to occupy outer space. The context of this project moves between our familiar life (codified by gravity) and an ‘unfolded’ environment with no gravity. What can we discover from the journey between these ordinary and extraordinary situations?

This exploration attempts to visualise and de-familiarise the experience of ‘weight’ within our daily lives. It consists of two main parts; the production of visual and sonic creations using gravity, and an investigation into perceptions of ‘weight’ through the carrying and wearing of objects.

By designing an interface that translates ‘weight’ into another medium I intend to dramatically change people’s environmental perspectives. It will connect unrelated things in daily contexts and create new relationships between people and their belongings. Through these voyages I aim to communicate ‘weight’ as the universal (yet unique) identity of materials on the Earth.