5. Deposits

5.1 A deposit shall become due upon acceptance of a place in College accommodation of the amount stated in e-document and the Schedule of Fees. It is refundable at the end of the period of the Accommodation Agreement (provided the student has left the premises permanently), less such sums which may become due to the College to cover the cost of damage to the fabric or furnishings of the premises and/or communal areas, the non-return of keys or access cards/fobs, or for unpaid rent or any other monies due to the College.

5.2 The College shall use all reasonable endeavours to refund all such deposits less deductions within 28 working days after the end of the Accommodation Agreement.

5.3 The level of the deposit shall be reviewed annually.

5.4 Individuals or groups of students who are responsible for careless or wilful damage to College accommodation shall be charged for the cost of repairs or replacements. If the cost of such repairs or replacements exceeds the level of the deposit held on behalf of the student or students (as the case may be) the student or students shall be required to pay the shortfall. Students who fail to pay the shortfall within 28 calendar days of demand shall be deemed to be in breach of the Accommodation Agreement and appropriate action will result in the instigation of the formal disciplinary procedure as detailed in paragraph 10.

5.5 Amounts that may be withheld from the deposit if appropriate at the end of the term of the Accommodation Agreement are:

(1) An hourly rate as stated in the Halls of Residence Terms and Conditions for any additional cleaning and time spent removing any possessions left behind at in the Accommodation at the end of this Accommodation Agreement.

(2) The cost of storage of items for no more than four weeks unless agreed otherwise after which items will be disposed of and an administration charge applied at the level stated in the Halls of Residence Terms and Conditions.

(3) A replacement charge as stated in the Halls of Residence Terms and Conditions for any lost keys, fobs and entry cards.

(4) Charges for any repairs.

(5) Charges for repairing and/or replacing any damaged items.

(6) Any unpaid penalties applied as referred to Section 10.2 of these Regulations.