4. Fees

4.1 Fees shall cover the cost of Accommodation, seasonal heating, lighting, water rates, gas and electricity and shall be payable in advance. Fees are payable in accordance with the fee schedule provided at the point of an offer of the Accommodation on the e-document. The setting up of a payment schedule is required prior to moving in to Halls.

4.2 Students must make arrangements to pay their fees in full (as outlined in the e-document) on the due dates noted. Failure to make payment of the appropriate sums on the due date will result in disciplinary action being taken, as outlined in Paragraph 10 and the Accommodation Arrears Procedure http://www.gold.ac.uk/accommodation/fees/.

4. 3 Failure to provide payment or to provide a suitable guarantee of payment will result in the instigation of the formal disciplinary procedures as detailed in paragraph 10.

4.4 Students experiencing difficulty in the payment of Fees must notify Accommodation Services immediately. Students should also note that the date when Fees are due is not affected by non-arrival of grant or other maintenance monies.

4.5 Students in arrears with Fees for a period greater than 28 calendar days from the due date shall be deemed to be in breach of the Accommodation Agreement and appropriate action will be taken in accordance with the provisions of paragraph 10 of these Regulations, following the procedure for students who are in accommodation arrears as detailed here.

4.6 Legal proceedings may be invoked against students in order to recover any outstanding monies owed to the College and/or possession of the Accommodation (if such is necessary).