General Conduct


7. General Conduct

7.1 Respect for other students

7.1.1 In order to establish and maintain an atmosphere conducive to study and for the general well-being of the residential community (both within and outside of the hall of residence), the College expects students in residence to conduct themselves, at all times, in a manner that does not cause nuisance or offence to their fellow students.

7.1.2 All members of the College – staff and students – and others on College premises or taking part in College activity will be expected to behave consistently with our values related to Equality and Diversity, and take responsibility for their role in our shared effort to make progress as outlined in the General Regulations

7.1.3 Students are expected to show particular consideration in respect of noise nuisance from radios, stereo equipment, televisions or any other device for producing sound. These must not be audible outside the premises.

7.1.4 Any student whose behaviour persistently causes nuisance to other students or any single serious or significant act will be subject to the instigation of the formal disciplinary procedures as detailed in paragraph 10.

7.1.5 At all times residents must keep noise to a reasonable level. Between 11pm and 7.30am (the ‘Quiet’ Hours) noise must be kept to an absolute minimum.


7.2 Care of the College accommodation

7.2.1 Students shall not make any alteration to their Accommodation or to the shared facilities whether structural or otherwise, or any change in the scheme of internal decoration.

7.2.2 All display materials such as posters, charts, photographs, decorations must be confined to the designated display boards. Display materials must not be attached to walls, ceilings or woodwork using pins, nails or any adhesive substance.

7.2.3 Students shall exercise due care in the use of the facilities, Accommodation and/or common parts in order to keep them clean and tidy and to maintain in good order, the decorations, fittings and furnishings of their premises, including the doors and the shared facilities. Any damage to, or defacement of, College property will be charged in full to the student responsible. Where responsibility cannot be attributed to a particular student, all students having access to that area within the hall of residence will be deemed to be equally responsible.

7.2.4 Furniture and equipment must not be removed from the Accommodation, shared facilities or communal areas and any damage to the premises, shared facilities or communal areas, including damage to furniture and equipment, must be reported immediately to the Manager.

7.2.5 Keys, entry cards and fobs must remain in the personal possession of the resident student throughout the Accommodation Agreement.

7.2.6 Students shall be responsible for keeping their Accommodation in a clean, tidy and safe state and shall return the Accommodation at the end of the Accommodation Agreement in this state.

7.2.7 Students must ensure their Room is always in a safe condition, particularly regarding electrical equipment and must report any damage, defect or fault via the online fault reporting system or in an emergency to an appropriate member of halls staff.

7.2.8 Students must participate and share in the cleaning of kitchen areas. Specific cleaning scheduled for your hall can be found in the Halls of Residence Terms and Conditions.

7.2.9 Students may apply to the College for a room move subject to an administration charge at the level stated in the Schedule. Any such move is subject to availability of a suitable room and is at the College’s discretion.

7.2.10 Students shall comply with the General Information as attached to the Accommodation Agreement and as updated from time to time and notified to the Student and any other regulations made by the College from time to time and notified to the Student.

7.2.11 The Manager or responsible staff may carry out Accommodation inspections in each academic term. If the Accommodation is in an unsatisfactory condition the College will serve 24 hours’ notice on the Student to remedy any problems following which a further inspection shall be carried out. If the
Accommodation is still found to be in an unsatisfactory condition the Manager will arrange for the Accommodation to be cleaned and the charges for this will be charged to the student.

7.2.12 Students shall allow the College and its staff or those managing the Halls on its behalf to have access to their Rooms to attend to any maintenance issues and day to day duties provided that the staff provide appropriate identification and have given reasonable written notice. Such notice shall not be necessary in the following instances

(i) Where staff are responding to a maintenance report request;
(ii) In the case of an emergency (particularly if it is felt residents or property are in danger);
(iii) If there is a breach of the Accommodation Agreement; or
(iv) if an activity is reported at the Accommodation which is causing disturbance or distress to other residents or neighbours.

7.3 College staff

7.3.1 Students shall be required to permit the Manager and duly authorised personnel, contractors and other work persons, to enter the Accommodation to undertake work such as cleaning and maintenance of the Accommodation at all reasonable hours of the daytime or at any time during an emergency or when a breach of the Accommodation Agreement is suspected.

7.3.2 Students will be required to allow access to the Accommodation by the Manager, or other authorised personnel, to undertake regular maintenance and occupancy status inspections.

7.3.3 Confrontational behaviour, including foul language and any behaviour contrary to the College's Equality and Diversity Policies, towards a member of College or contract staff will result in disciplinary action being taken against the student involved.

7.3.4 Students shall comply with any reasonable request that is made by the Accommodation/Estates Office in relation to any dispute, emergency, security matter or in any day to day matter at the Hall of Residence.

7.3.5 In relation to any dispute between students, the College’s decision at its discretion is final.

7.3.6 In the event of any dispute between students the College reserves the right to move any student in relation to this on immediate notice.

7.4 Prohibited items

7.4.1 The use of inflammable substances, candles, joss sticks and ionisers are prohibited in College accommodation. Such items may be removed without warning and can be reclaimed at the end of the period of the Accommodation Agreement.

7.4.2 Students are not permitted to keep pets, bicycles, motor bikes or vehicle parts in study bedrooms or communal areas. Bicycles left in bicycle racks or on College property are left at the owners' risk.

7.4.3 The playing of ball games, badminton and frisbee etc. is not allowed in College accommodation grounds or gardens.

7.4.4 Amplified music or other sounds, including musical instruments, may not be played in College accommodation grounds or gardens, except with the use of earphones.

7.4.5 To ensure that the halls of residence remain an environment conducive to study; parties are not permitted. They will be dealt with as an infringement of the Regulations and will result in the instigation of the formal disciplinary procedure as detailed in paragraph 10.

7.5 Smoking

Student accommodation is smoke free. The Goldsmiths Smoke Free Policy applies. [Smoke Free Policy]

7.6 Drugs

The possession of any prohibited drug is a criminal offence. This law applies to all areas of College buildings or grounds. The possession and/or use of any prohibited drug by any student or member of staff is not permitted on College premises and could result in the instigation of the formal disciplinary procedure as detailed in paragraph 10, disciplinary action being taken by the college authorities and legal action by the police.

7.7 Alcohol

Misbehaviour resulting from the use of alcohol may result in action being taken and may, if the College considers the misbehaviour to be serious, result in the instigation of the formal disciplinary procedure as detailed in paragraph 10. For students who are under the age of eighteen, alcohol is prohibited.

7.8 Firearms and other weapons

Students may not bring to or store within College accommodation any firearms (including legally held firearms such as starting pistols), fireworks, knives, explosive devices, etc.

7.9 Laundry

Students may not wash clothes in bathrooms or the Accommodation and washing may not be placed on any radiators or be hung up outside windows or within the laundry at the hall.