Period of Residence


3. Period of Residence

3.1 Residence shall be for the period of time detailed in the e-document and Accommodation Agreement, and the schedule of fees as outlined in the e-document subject to earlier determination in accordance with these Regulations.

3.2 Students shall not be entitled to move into other College accommodation, including room changes, during the course of the Accommodation Agreement without the consent of Accommodation Services and without completing a new Accommodation Agreement. Students with hall debts, including but not limited to the non-payment of the Fees, shall not be entitled to move into alternative Accommodation. All room changes other than those due to medical grounds, and which are supported by a doctor's certificate, shall be subject to an administration fee, payable in advance of the move.

3.3 Students who for any reason vacate their College accommodation earlier than the date set out in the Accommodation Agreement without prior written consent from the College shall not qualify for refund of the Fees and the deposit will be forfeit. The student shall remain liable for payment of the Fees the duration of the Accommodation Agreement.

3.4 The College shall be entitled to terminate the Accommodation Agreement upon withdrawal or interruption from or termination of the student’s programme of study providing 28 days notice to end the Accommodation Agreement. In such cases rebates may be claimed for the remainder of the term's accommodation fee and for the deposit. Students who withdraw from the College, interrupt their studies or their student status changes, for whatever reason, must notify Accommodation Services immediately.

3.5 Keys and door entry/fobs cards must be returned immediately upon the expiration of the Accommodation Agreement. Students who fail to comply and reasonable endeavours have been made by staff to ascertain that the room is vacated, will be charged for a lock change with the cost being charged back to the student.
3.6 The Accommodation Agreement is personal to the student and no sub-letting, sharing of occupation (unless with prior agreement in writing from Accommodation Services if allocated in to a double occupancy room or studio) or possession or other dealing with the Accommodation, with or without financial gain, is permitted.

3.7. The College may require a student to move rooms for any reason on not less than 5 days’ written notice or immediately in the case of an emergency.