Frequently asked questions we've received for paying on the web.


I have not received the email confirming my registration, or the receipt email confirming that payment has been successfully processed?

The system uses the email address entered when you register, and the email address entered by the Card Holder when inputting the Payment Card Holder details.  If either of these emails is incorrect then emails will not be delivered by the system and they will get “bounced back” to us.  Please check that the correct email addresses have been entered.  If you experience a problem, please send an email to epaygs ( with the details and the correct email address.

What do the terms "Verified By Visa" and "MasterCard Secure Code" mean?

These terms (sometimes referred to as “3D Secure”) refer to an extra password that will be requested when using your card over the internet.  The system reduces the chances of the unauthorised use of your card by someone who is not the card holder.  You register with your Card Issuing Bank to use the extra password code and that password will only be known between you and your Card Issuing Bank.  Further information can be found at:

Visa Europe


At the last point my card details get rejected. Why?

Card details can be rejected for a variety of reasons. We recommend that you contact the Bank that issued your card to clarify the precise reason in your case. Some examples of why details are rejected are:

  • The reply entered to the “Verified By Visa” or “MasterCard Secure” screen was incorrect.
  • The payment amount may have exceeded a monetary limit on your card for one payment, or a group of payments in total on any one day.
  • The system may think your payment looks like “unusual activity” and it is being refused as a precaution, in case your card is being used by an unauthorised user.
  • The payment is causing your card to go over the “Card’s Limit”.

Why do I need to enter my "Date of Birth" when registering to use the Web Payments System?

The system uses your “Date of Birth” in addition to other information entered to check which debts to present on screen.

Are my card details stored on the Goldsmiths Servers?

No, not even in encrypted form.

Is the WEB payments online system secure?

We take security seriously and have tried to make sure that the system is secure and you can use the system with confidence.

When you log onto the system, your PC should connect to our servers via secure “https” links. Note: You should see the URL starts with the “https” reference and at the end there should be a “closed padlock image”.

 Your card details are not stored on our servers. Our enquiry screens do not supply the full card number to us. Traffic across the link is encrypted.

A payment made has not updated against the invoice. Why?

If you have selected an invoice when paying , then within an hour the outstanding amount on the invoice should have been updated with the payment value.

If you have made a “Payment on Account (POA)”, i.e. not selected an invoice when making payment, then there may be a delay before the invoice is shown on the screen as updated.

All payments that have not been updated against an invoice will be displayed in the lower part of your accounts screen.

If you are concerned that the system is not updating your invoices with payments, please send an email with the details to the system administrator at epaygs (

Who can help me with resolving a problem with the WEB Payments System?

If you experience a problem with using our system, please send an email with the details to the system administrator at epaygs (