Student Loan and Funding Options

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Find out what statutory loans and grants are available and how to apply to Student Finance.

Home and EU students studying towards an undergraduate degree, PGCE and some certificate programmes can apply for support towards tuition using the Student Finance website. Home students can also apply for grants and loans towards living costs.

A new application needs to be made each academic year and students are advised to apply to Student Finance as early as possible.

Undergraduate Students starting a programme in 2018 can apply for support from mid January. Continuing students will be contacted directly by Student Finance when they are able to re-apply. In order to increase the chances of your award being processed before the start of term Student Finance advise continuing students return their application by the end of June 2018 and new students by end of May 2018. Postgraduate applications open later in the year.

See our SLC Advice page for information to help avoid delays to your application.

See our Loan Repayment page for information on how, when and how much you repay.

Further information

Phishing emails

Around the time of each loan disbursement Students can often be targeted by Phishing emails. Students should ignore messages that tell them to 'vailidate their account' or provide any personal, security or banking details online. The SLC or Goldsmiths will never request students to provide or confirm their information in this way. For further information please see the SLC's online safety information.

Tuition Fee Loans

You can apply to Student Finance for a tuition fee loan to cover the cost of your tuition. Payment is then made directly to Goldsmiths College by the SLC. You are then responsible for repaying the loan once you have graduated.

Tuition Fee loans are available to both full and part-time undergraduate students. Postgraduate loans are also available.

Maintenance Loans

In addition to a tuition fee loan, you can also apply for a maintenance loan of up to £11354 (2018/19 figure for a student living away from home).

65% of the Maintenance Loan is non-means tested and 35% means tested. If you are under 25 your parents income will determine the amount of means-tested loan that you receive, although there are some circumstances in which parental income is not taken into consideration

In order for payments to be released, you need to have completed your Student Finance Application and be enrolled at Goldsmiths. Once we have confirmed your attendance, the SLC should release payment directly to your bank account within 3-5 days. Please note payment cannot be released before the first day of term.

Whatever your circumstances, visit the Student Finance website for detailed information on exactly how much you can expect to receive.

Postgraduate Loans

Postgraduate loans are also be available to students studying towards a taught MA. This is a loan to help with all costs associated with your study and may not cover the full cost of your programme. The loan is also paid to the student and not to the college. Further details can be found on the Student Finance website or our Postgraduate Loans page.

Disabled Student Allowance

If you have a disability, you may be entitled to claim extra financial help as a student. This is paid on top of any standard student finance you may receive. Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) is a grant to help meet the extra costs of studying that student’s face as a direct result of a disability. They are designed to help disabled students study on an equal basis with other students. The amount a student receives does not depend on your household income. You do not have to repay this help. For further information please see our Disability Support pages

Other Statutory Funding

You may also be entitled to other funding through Student Finance. These include:

  • Adult Dependents Grant
  • Parents Learning Allowance
  • Childcare Grant

We advise you to contact Student Finance England if you think you are eligible.

Other information

If, a week after you've enrolled, you have not received your maintenance this could be due to Student Finance not receiving your ‘online declaration’, bank details or National Insurance number. You should contact them directly on 0845 300 5090.

For an estimate of the funding available to you please see the Student Finance Calculator


From the date you take out loan(s) you will be charged interest at the rate of inflation plus 3%. Once you have graduated or otherwise left the University you will be charged interest at:              

  • the rate of inflation (if you are earning less than £21,000)                
  • the rate of inflation plus up to 3% (if you are earning between £21,001 and £41,000)                
  • the rate of inflation plus 3% (if you are earning above £41,000).

Links and contacts

Repaying Your Loan

Student Finance Website

Student Loan Company

Tuition Fees

Visit the Student Centre (RHB 117) between 9am-5pm or email studentcentre (