Religious Observations

The Islamic holy month of Ramadan overlaps with the Summer Term exam period.

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Goldsmiths recognises religion and belief as a protected equality characteristic and offers support to all staff and students, including while exams take place.

Exam start times (10am and 2.30pm) have been planned to avoid the time of prayers.

The Goldsmiths Multi‐Faith Chaplaincy's Religion and Belief Guide (PDF) provides information regarding Goldsmiths religious observance policy and the resources available to students at the Goldsmiths Multi‐Faith Chaplaincy, including prayer facilities and people available to speak to.


If you are observing Ramadan you should consider the impact it may have upon your preparation for and the sitting of exams and be mindful of:

  • Planning schedules and meals and ensuring you can access food at sundown for breaking the fast
  • Consuming the required nutrients and are well-hydrated and rested
  • Concentrating upon foods which are rich in complex carbohydrates and protein, fruit and vegetables, and that you have plenty of water during your morning meal
  • Staying indoors or in the shade and limit physical activity, resting if possible, if it is hot
  • Ensuring your evening meal is healthy and balanced and that you drink plenty of water

You are permitted to take water into your exams but it must be a clear bottle and have the label removed. If you observing Ramadan you are permitted to take unwrapped dates into your exams in a clear plastic bag.

If you would like to discuss your thoughts regarding your approach to sitting exams during Ramadan, the Goldsmiths Multi‐Faith Chaplaincy can be contacted by telephone on 020 7717 2953.

Exceptional extenuating circumstances

By entering the exam venue, you are declaring yourself fit to sit your exam. That sitting will be counted as an exam attempt.

However, if you consider that your observance of Ramadan has had a significant adverse impact, along with other specific and individual circumstances, upon your ability to undertake your exam you should come to the Student Centre to complete a form for the Head of Registry Operations who will submit it to the Chair of the relevant Examination Board for consideration under exceptional extenuating circumstances.