Result dates

When and how the results of assessments and exams are given.

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Initial 2019-20 assessments results will be released between

  • Undergraduates: 29 June and 17 July
  • Postgraduates: 29 June and 7 August

An email will be sent to your Goldsmiths email address when your results are available to view on My Goldsmiths.

The current situation with Covid-19 and our new Exceptional Academic Regulations mean that whilst we are unable to confirm exact result release dates for specific programmes, we will be releasing results as and when they are ready, throughout the specified period, to ensure you receive them at the earliest possible opportunity.

In some instances, your result might be marked as ‘provisional’ (explained below). If this is the case your final result may be released after these dates. 

The calculation of module and degree results are in accordance with changes to our Academic Regulations, which recognise the impact of Covid-19 on your studies.

Logging into My Goldsmiths

We advise that you attempt to log into My Goldsmiths ahead of the results release dates to ensure that you can access your results when they are available. If you have any issues logging in, now or when your results are released, please contact registrysystems (

You should also check your name and address(es) we have on record, including spellings. This is particularly important if you’re a final year student as your transcript of results will be sent to your home address, when we are able to do so. We will also confirm your home address with the University of London for the posting of your certificate. 

If you are a final year student whose home address is not in the Latin alphabet (e.g. it is in Mandarin, Arabic etc.), please ensure you follow these instructions.

Provisional results

To allow you to have as much information as possible, as early as possible, you may receive a provisional result. This is where we cannot confirm the final result to you, but we are able to give a good indication of what your result will be.

Second marking 

This might be where, for example, your work has been marked but second marking hasn’t yet taken place. Although it’s unlikely your result will change significantly, there is still a possibility that your mark will go up or down. 

We would usually wait until second marking has taken place to release results, but there may be some circumstances this year where it’s important to release provisional results to you without delay, for example to give you as much notice as possible to prepare for any late summer resits.   

Deferred assessments 

Provisional results may also be released where most of your assessments have been completed and marked, but due to the current situation one assessment element hasn’t been taken yet. Your department will be in touch with you about any deferred assessments.

It will be clear from your progression decision when you view your results in MyGoldsmiths if any of your results are provisional. For clarity on module results, or if you have any questions, please contact your department.

We will inform you when your results are fully confirmed and re-published.


Your result on My Goldsmiths will indicate if you need to resit an assessment, in which case you should visit your department’s page on, or contact them directly. All resits will be conducted remotely.

Appealing a result

If you’re unhappy with a result you should first contact your department. If the result is confirmed and you’re still unhappy, you can start the formal appeals process, providing you meet the grounds for appeal.  

Please note that you cannot appeal a provisional result – the formal appeals process can only consider fully confirmed results. Therefore you would need to wait until your result is confirmed before you can appeal. 


If you are a final year student, a copy of your transcript of results will be mailed to you as soon as we are able to do so. Due to the circumstances this year there will be a delay to this process, but we will communicate details closer to the time.  

Help & support

If you have a question about a result or resit, please get in touch with your department. If you have a question about the Exceptional Academic Regulations, please contact assessments (

If you’re feeling anxious or low, or you just need someone to talk to, the Wellbeing Service can offer advice and support.