Student Community Leaders: IMS

Hafiza Alim (she/her), undergraduate

“Hello! My name is Hafiza. I am a Student Community Leader for the IMS department. I study Economics with Econometrics, and I chose this course because I enjoyed learning about Economics at A-Levels and wanted to further my knowledge about Economics at a more advanced level. 

Pritu Gurung (she/her), undergraduate

"Hi, I am Pritu. I am a 2nd-year Management with Economics student. I chose this because I can explore the different aspects of business and finance, while continually adapting my interests and goals.

I was born in Hong Kong, but I am from Nepal. So, I can also speak English, Nepali and some broken Hindi. My guilty pleasures are spicy cuisines and listening to true crime podcasts. My MBTI type is ENFP, so I am quite full of unexpected charms. I am also an ally of the LGBTQ+ and believe in inclusivity for all. On the side, I like K-pop, horror, and Marvel movies.

Makeda Westnutt (she/her), undergraduate

“Hi, my name is Makeda Westnutt and I'm doing my BA in Economics with Marketing. I’m half Ethiopian and half English. I’m a foodie that loves to travel and try new cuisine whilst at it. I’m passionate about photography and capturing scenery wherever I go. I enjoy going to concerts and seeing my favourite artists perform live.

Upcoming Events

Winter Icebreaker

A cosy winter icebreaker led by the IMS students featuring games, hot drinks, refreshments, and a whole lot of fun.
7 December 2022
1 - 5pm
RHB 122

We’re still looking for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Student Community Leaders for IMS.  If you are interested in the role, please apply here.