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Registering a disability

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Tell us about your long term health condition, mental health, disability or specific learning difficulty (SpLD) so we can give you the right advice.

Ideally you should tell us when you apply to Goldsmiths or before you start here.  But if you are already a student we want to hear from you.

Why you should tell us about your disability.

If you would like to provide this information in an alternative format, please contact disability (

Once you have completed the questionnaire, the information will go to our Inclusion and Learning Support Team. They may contact you to ask for more information.

SECTION A - Personal Details
Level of study

SECTION B - About your disability
Would you require assistance to exit the Goldsmiths premises in an emergency? (e.g. if you have severe visual impairment, difficulties in using stairs or hearing alarms etc.)
Do you have any disability or health related requirements for Goldsmiths Accommodation (Please tick no, if you are not applying for accommodation)

Please note that if you have any disability/health related requirements you are advised to apply for accommodation as soon as possible so we can attempt to meet your accommodation needs. Find out how to apply for accommodation.

SECTION C - Disabled Students Allowance

The Disabled Students Allowance (DSA) provides additional support to cover disability related costs of study.

This fund is administered by Student Finance England. We strongly recommend you apply. See our pages on the DSA or visit

SECTION D - Declaration


I note that the information I have provided will be used to help assess my needs for support and adjustments whilst on a programme of study at Goldsmiths. This will involve sharing information about my disability with relevant staff. None of the information provided here will be used in the selection process and if I have disability related needs that need to be taken into consideration in the application process I must contact the admissions team separately about this.

To confirm your agreement to this press SEND below.

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