Covid-19 Student Hardship Fund

A time-limited fund to support students facing hardship arising from the Covid-19 pandemic, particularly where it is needed to support their continuation of study and successful outcomes.

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Financial support is available for students requiring help with:

  • Housing and living costs - eg a contribution towards mortgage arrears, rent arrears or overdue utility bills they cannot pay
  • Specialist equipment needed because they cannot access labs on campus
  • Assistive technology

Each application is assessed on individual need and there is no guarantee that an award will be made. Maximum award for a laptop is £300, and £900 for other needs.

Who can apply

All fully enrolled students can apply, including international and EU students.

Financial support will be prioritised for students who:

  • Are estranged students and care leavers
  • Entered higher education from supported housing or who are homeless
  • Live in private rented accommodation
  • Are clinically extremely vulnerable and shielding who are unable to access teaching and related services remotely
  • Have disabilities and are unable to access teaching and related services remotely
  • Are student parents
  • Are refugees or asylum seekers

Students on a sponsored or financial support scheme (for example American loans or aid) are responsible for ensuring this fund does not breach the terms and conditions of their agreement.

Responding to applications

Applications will be assessed in the order we receive them. We are aiming to respond as quickly as possible to qualifying students.

How to apply

Apply through using the Student Hardship Fund option
Do not use the Covid-19 Student Hardship option

Applicants will be asked for:

  • An explanation of their circumstances outlining their unexpected costs due to the Covid-19 pandemic that have resulted in financial hardship
  • Evidence showing the unexpected costs - eg tenancy agreement and rent arrears statement
  • Screenshot of current account balance demonstrating hardship
  • Screenshot of the bank account the money should be paid into showing payee name, bank account and sort code
  • Student number

The fund will close at 9am 16 July or earlier if all the available funding has been allocated.