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Student Loans delays

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Short-term loans to cover delays in loan or grant payments

The university can loan money to full-time students who are experiencing short-term hardship because payment of a student loan and/or grants has been delayed. Short-term loans are for a maximum of £300.

You must repay the loan in full during the academic year in which you took it out. If you do not repay the loan you may not be allowed to complete enrolment in following years, and you may be prevented from taking examinations.

Contact the Student Centre for details.

How to apply

You can obtain an application pack (application form and guidance notes) from the Student Centre. Please return your completed form and documentary evidence to the Student Centre.

Deadline for applying

The deadline for applying for a short-term loan is normally at the end of the Autumn term. This is because the short-term loan is usually repaid from the second instalment of your Student Loan, which arrives in mid-January.

For further details please contact the Student Centre.

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