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Student Support Funds are hardship funds for those who need financial support with living costs or who are experiencing financial hardship.

Student Support Funds are hardship funds for those who require additional financial support for living costs or who are experiencing unexpected financial difficulty. The Student Support Fund is intended to help with living costs, not with the payment of tuition fees.

All awards are in the form of a grant and we could help you with:

  • general living costs
  • accommodation costs
  • travel costs
  • childcare costs

You won't have to repay the money.

Applications are assessed based on individual need.


If you are a UK or EU student funded by Student Finance England/Wales/Northern Ireland or the Student Awards Agency for Scotland and are receiving an element of living cost support, rather than just tuition fees, you may apply on the form below.

Applications from students who do not receive UK student finance (including EU or international students experiencing unexpected hardship) may also be eligible to apply: please contact the Student Centre to discuss your application.

Childcare Bursary
All students with children, regardless of nationality or residency, can apply for the Childcare Bursary of £500 per child, providing your child is in Ofsted-registered childcare.


Download the Student Support Fund application and guidance (PDF) form for full instructions.

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