Funding to support placements abroad is provided by Erasmus+, the Turing scheme, Santander Universities, and Goldsmiths.

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In 2014, Goldsmiths, University of London received confirmation that it has been granted the new Erasmus University Charter for Higher Education (2014/15-2020/21), a requirement for participating in the programme. In accordance with the compliance principles involved in attaining this Charter, the University welcomes students from Europe coming on the Erasmus exchange via an inter-institutional agreement, and seeks to allow, and give full recognition to, Goldsmiths students wanting to take advantage of the European Study Abroad options available to them.

The UK Government has decided not to participate in the next generation Erasmus programme and will instead, fund students through a new UK scheme, called the Turing Scheme to support students to gain experience abroad. 

Goldsmiths will still be able to support Erasmus activity both within and outside of Europe in the 2021/22 academic year and into 2022/23 in some cases. Opportunities will be advertised on our Go Abroad webpages.

Goldsmiths is committed to international collaboration and values our existing Erasmus partnerships. Over the coming months, we will be working with partners to establish our future relationship to support the continued exchange of staff and students. If you are a university that partners with Goldsmiths through the Erasmus programme and has questions or concerns around Brexit, please contact the Global Opportunities team on goabroad (


Turing is the UK government’s scheme to provide funding for international opportunities in education and training across the world. Students will be able to participate in work, study, and volunteer placements worldwide supported by funding from the Turing Scheme. More information about funding rates and opportunities available will be provided soon.

For more information about the Turing scheme please visit the Turing website.

Santander Universities

Santander Universities provides funding to support students to study, work, and volunteer abroad. Santander focuses on three key areas – Education, Entrepreneurship, and Employability. By providing financial and in-kind support, Santander help students boost their career prospects, make their business ideas a reality, and support learning.

For more information about Santander Universities please visit their website.


Goldsmiths is committed to supporting students to gain international experience by providing financial support to ensure all students can access opportunities regardless of background.