Study abroad for less than 2 months

Study abroad during one of your holidays or go to summer school.

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What you can do

You can apply for funding to complete a short study placement of less than 2 months over your summer holidays. Find a course that suits you and meets the following criteria:

  • The placement must be hosted by an organisation
  • It should include a structured programme of activity
  • It should be relevant to your degree or future career
  • The placement has to take place outside of the UK
  • It must have policies in place to manage the risk of Covid-19

Common placements include language courses, summer schools, and training courses. Check out our list of suggested placements on our International Placement page.

Placements can take place worldwide

Placements must be less than two months in length and take place during the summer. International students are not able to receive funding for a placement in their home country, but funding is available for other countries. To manage the risk of Covid-19 your placement will only be approved if the UK Foreign Office are not advising against travel to your destination country.


All full time and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate students can apply for a grant of up to £500 towards the costs of the placement. Students who meet our widening participation criteria can apply for a grant of up to £1500.  

You must be in good academic standing and must not be in debt to Goldsmiths. We will prioritise students who have not received Goldsmiths or Santander Universities funding previously.

How to apply

Applications are now closed. Please sign up to the Global Opportunities newsletter to keep updated. We anticipate applications re-opening in the Autumn.

If you meet our widening participation criteria please submit your application using the Santander Becas portal. You will be eligible to receive up to £1,500 of funding. Please note you must register on the Becas portal before you are able to access the application form.