Study abroad for less than 2 months

Study abroad during one of your holidays or go to summer school.

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Current suspension of funding

Goldsmiths has taken the difficult decision to suspend the Go Abroad scheme this year in light of the rapidly changing Covid-19 (Coronavirus) situation.

This decision has not been taken lightly and our focus has been ensuring students remain safe and supported during their studies at the College, including when they are undertaking additional travel.

This scheme remains a highly valued opportunity for our students and one we will continue to offer once the current situation changes. 

For students graduating this year, we will consider your date of graduation to be the date of your graduation ceremony. We hope that we can reopen Erasmus funding for 2-3 months work abroad in Europe prior to this date to allow you to apply.

Sign up to our newsletter for ongoing information and alerts including when the scheme reopens. Below is more information on the kind of opportunities you could apply for funding for when it reopens.

Who can apply

This opportunity is available to all full time and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate students. Increased funding is available to first and second-year undergraduates who meet our widening participation criteria.

You must be in good academic standing and must not be in debt to Goldsmiths. We are not able to fund students who have already received Goldsmiths or Santander Universities funding for a short term study and work abroad.

What can you do

In order to be eligible for Go Abroad funding students must find placements that meet the following criteria:

  • The placement must be hosted by an organisation
  • It should include a structured programme activity
  • It should be relevant to your degree or future career
  • The placement has to take place outside of the UK

Where you can go

It is up to students to find their own short term study or training placements. Placements can take place worldwide. International students are not able to receive funding for a placement in their home country.

Some of the options you could apply for funding for include:

International Summer Schools

Universities around the world organise summer schools for international students. You could apply for funding to study at one of our partner universities. Some example of courses they offer are below:

UniversityCountryMore information
Freie Universitat Berlin Germany
HKU University of the Arts Utrecht The Netherlands
Humboldt University Berlin Germany
KU Leuven Belgium
Pazmany Peter Catholic University Hungary
Trinity College Dublin Ireland Samuel Beckett Summer School:
University of Amsterdam The Netherlands
University of Bologna Italy
University of Helsinki Finland
University of Luxembourg Luxembourg
University of Malta Malta
University of Trento Italy
University of Vienna Austria
University of Zagreb Croatia

Fees and application deadlines vary.

Foreign Language courses

The best way to learn a language is to study it in a country where it is spoken. You could study Spanish in Spain or South America, Italian in Italy or Arabic in Egypt or Morocco. Apply for funding to help with the costs. Below are some examples of reputable language courses you might want to consider:

German courses at the Goethe Institut – find out more at

French courses at the Alliance Francaise – They run French language courses in a number of cities around the world and in France, for example in Toulouse and Paris.


In the past we have sent a student from Theatre and Performance on an acting course in Los Angeles, a Computing student to a Hackathon in Berlin, and a Psychology student to a week-long training programme. Find similar opportunities and apply for funding now.