Virtual Global Opportunities

Anyone can gain international experience, learn something new, and improve employability by participating in a virtual global opportunity.

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Students can apply for funding to cover the cost of a virtual global opportunity. Examples include online summer schools, online language courses, remote internships or online professional development courses with a global focus. Ideally, they should involve interacting virtually with participants from across the world.

Why go abroad virtually

In an increasingly digital world, virtual global opportunities support you to gain vital skills and expertise to succeed in the international workplace.

They can help develop communication skills, intercultural awareness and confidence giving real-life and relevant experience to demonstrate to future employers on your CV and in applications.

Read about some of our previous students’ experiences taking part in virtual opportunities.

Who can apply

This opportunity is available to all full-time and part-time undergraduate and postgraduate students. You must be in good academic standing and must not be in debt to Goldsmiths.

Priority will be given to students who meet our widening participation criteria and those who have not already received Goldsmiths or funding.

Please note that this application to Goldsmiths is solely for funding. You will need to apply for the virtual opportunity separately – likely through their website. You may well need to apply for the opportunity before securing Goldsmiths or funding. Look at the section below for advice on finding the right virtual global opportunity for you.

Finding a virtual global opportunity

Watch this webinar for tips on what to consider when looking for a virtual global opportunity.

Virtual global opportunities can include online summer schools, online language courses, virtual internship, professional development courses, or online volunteering. We have listed some opportunities below, but there are lots of others available. 

Lots of universities offer online courses over the summer. These courses are an excellent opportunity to meet students from around the world and engage deeply in a specific subject area.

Universities that have hosted popular virtual summer schools in the past include FU Berlin, University of Amsterdam, Toulouse Business School, and Berklee College of Music.

There is an opportunity to study in China over the summer under an International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship virtually. Undergraduate and postgraduate non-Chinese citizen students with proficiency in Mandarin can apply. Email Confuscius ( if you would like to apply.

Popular language course providers include:

  • French: Alliance Francaise; Institut Francais; Institut Linguistique Adenet
  • German: Goethe Institut; FU Berlin
  • Polish: University of Warsaw
  • Spanish: Cervantes
  • Arabic: London Learning Cooperative; Moroccan Center for Arabic Studies (MCAS)

The following website are hubs for online courses including from universities around the world

Many international education providers are also offering virtual internships. These often come with a participation fee.

You may also wish to approach companies who you are interested in working for and seeing if they might offer you a paid internship.

Please also take a look at the Go Abroad blog to see the virtual opportunities students participated in last summer.

Eligibility Criteria 

The activity must be delivered by an organisation and should take place between 30 May and 23 September 2022. It should meet the following criteria:


  • Be relevant to your future career
  • Include live learning or interaction e.g. with students, colleagues, course leaders, lecturers, internship managers
  • Develop an understanding of different approaches and attitudes from around the world
  • Develop skills to make you more employable in particular in an international setting, e.g. intercultural communication and collaboration, problem-solving


  • Delivered by an organisation from outside of the UK
  • The opportunity to work on a shared project in teams virtually with an end product
  • Alignment to your studies
  • Use of technology for joint working/studying


Funding is provided by Goldsmiths and is available to cover the placement fees charged by a virtual global opportunity:

  • Up to £500 for all students

How to apply

  1. Find a virtual global opportunity you would like to participate in (see guidance above). Opportunities must meet our eligibility criteria to be able to apply for funding
  2. Apply for funding
  3. Applications are considered on a monthly basis by a review panel. We will contact you to confirm if your application has been successful or unsuccessful
  4. If your application is successful you will be required to complete some paperwork before your funding can be paid. We pay 80% of the funding upfront. At the end of your opportunity, you will be required to submit some final paperwork before you can be paid the remaining 20% of your funding

Check out our guidance on how to submit a good application.

Application deadlines

Applications are now closed

Applications are considered by a panel on a rolling basis, with a deadline on the first day of each month (1 March, 1 April, 1 May etc.). The last deadline is 1 August. We will confirm the outcome of your application within two weeks of the deadline. 

We recommend that you apply for funding two months in advance of the start of your opportunity. This is to ensure that there is enough time to complete pre-placement paperwork and process funding payments. If you apply less than two months before the start date of your opportunity then we cannot guarantee that your funding will be paid before you start.